The Diversity Report 2016 discusses

  • By country data on major translation markets;
  • Which authors, publishers and genres shape the business of translation most strongly;
  • The role of public funding

Building on 10 years of research, the Diversity Report 2016 summarizes original insights for publishers, agents, authors, translators, policy makers and educators.

Free download at www.wischenbart.com/diversity.


A project of Verein für kulturelle Transfers / CulturalTransfers.org


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A new white paper by the Global eBook report brings insights on the recent development in several digital book markets across continental Europe.

Share of € revenue in selected price segments in ebooks from publishers in Germany, Italy and Spain, and from indie authors in Germany, 1HY2016 Topics include:

Share of € revenue in selected price segments in ebooks from publishers in Germany, Italy and Spain, and from indie authors in Germany, 1HY2016
Topics include:

Topics include:

·                   How does price impact on digital sales?

·                   How does the balance between volume and value work out in different markets?

·                   How do digital exports compare for France, Germany, Spain, or the Netherlands?

The study is based on new original data from leading ebook aggregators and distributors Bookwire, eDigita, Ingram and Readbox.


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The Thursday CEO Talk at the Frankfurt Book Fair will focus on two European editorial power houses that each stand for key strategies in the current transformation of the international business of books. Rizzoli Libri is the new brand created by Mondadori as the home of their recently acquired RCS Libri, making the Milan based group the by far predominant publishing enterprise in the Italian language. Média-Participations is the largest publisher of comic books in Europe with ca. 1000 new titles per year (of which 600 are “bandes dessinées”, or comics) and sales of ca. 25 million volumes (of which 15 million comic books) per year, plus a leader in the exploitation of cross-media rights.

The debate will be presented by Livres Hebdo (France), with Bookdao (China), The Bookseller (United Kingdom), buchreport (Germany), PublishNews (Brazil), Publishers Weekly (USA), and the Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club. Moderated by Rüdiger Wischenbart, the discussion will feature the Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry 2016.

Thursday, October 19, 2015, from 14:00 to 15:00

Frankfurt Book Fair, Hall 4.2, Room Dimension, Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club.

Massimo Turchetta is Director of Rizzoli Libri Trade within the Mondadori Publishing Group. Through his career in the book trade he has been working in all areas of the market: from traditional trade books to university textbooks, to illustrated titles, to partworks and fiction magazines. He has been i. a. editorial director of the Mondadori paperback division Oscar, publisher of the Mondadori fiction magazines, editorial director at Grjalbo, editorial director at Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore, general manager at Mondadori Libri and general manager at RCS Libri Trade.

Claude de Saint Vincent, CEO at Média-Participations, made his reputation as « the man who helped comics to get out of their cage” (Le Monde), by widening the scope of publishing the “7th art” beyond books, to games, online distribution (with the specialized platform Iznéo), and audiovisual productions. At annual revenues of € 340 million, and a staff of 1100, the group is the leading European player in one of the most dynamic segments of publishing in Europe.

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